The E Girl

This business is in the process of closing. I'm not at liberty to discuss why because it is for personal reasons having to do with a medical leave of absence and a period of time where my family and I cared for a terminally ill family member. Thank you and please no solicitation calls at this time. I have taken up organic gardening in my spare time instead. Essentially my family and I need time to heal given also the inheritance we received. I am not wanting to give out familial affairs publicly on or over the internet out of respect and have likewise removed myself from much social media with the exception of a resume on Indeed. The garden design was actually drawn and helped along by my mother who was schooled in civil engineering. It was then given to those who built the porch and xeriscaped our land. We also had the entranceway completely redone as my medical leave of absence was due to the doorway never being built to code. I slipped and fell down steps so my legs slammed inversion sprain into concrete shattering several bones in my left foot and dislocating a bone. The recovery of which was long, painful, and complicated due to how medical institutions and insurance as a whole complicated affairs further impacted by costs that are absurd under the auspices of being affordable ($400 a month plus a $2000 deductible is not affordable; it's robbery and a rip off) for the general public. I call it a lesson in oxymoronism or being manipulated and lied to. My x-rays were read incorrectly, left me walking on the injured foot, and I was put on medications that are contraindicated and now have been implicated in lawsuits for improper off label use. Some medical professionals would refuse to even treat me. American pride needs to look in it's mirror for a few seconds long enough to get a reality check of just who and what they really are as mentors/role models to others. I'm sorry if that appears a harsh judgment, but it's the facts I've had to live through and endure. When people cite they want reform it's going to need to begin at the heart or root of the problem not be a faulty solution. It starts at home and with people recognizing what they have become or stand for.

Essentially we are growing zinnias, perennial plants of assorted variety, lettuce (green, leaf, and romaine), bell peppers, broccoli, romanesco, carrots, potatoes, borage, lemon mint, catmint/catnip, cat oat grass, apple mint, opal and Siam basil, thyme, parsley, lavender, rosemary, echinacea, cucumbers, aloe, and cactus/succulents native to our area. We have not planted the squash, tomatoes, or milkweed yet. We attempted sunflowers, but they are taking their time to show up. I believe I've seen only two so far starting to bud or open in August. We were also graced with several different insects and birds including screech owls who started a family after we built a bird house for them and put it in our trees. They spent a lot of time in the kitchen area rafters or on the fence watching me water the garden as well as peeking out of the house. The singing at night was nice also although it sounded more like a cooing noise to me. I suppose I found it unusual how often they were out in the daytime or early evening around my family and I. A rabbit lived under our shed. Please click on a few of the thumbnails below to see some of our garden experiment. I have a lot more photos, but I do not want to make a huge image gallery here at present so it's a small showcase of what is happening in our backyard. A lot of people don't quite get my excitement or enthusiasm over this, but I've never gardened or grown anything before. I consider myself an amateur so having this in Texas heat during late July/August for me is a success. One image below is an I Spy because there is a hidden grasshopper blending into the fence if you can spot it! I also added just a couple of Figuromo art images I worked on while on medical leave. Theia, Floof, Gargoyle Love (elf and gargoyle), and Coraline. Lastly one of many iOrnament drawings.

Getting pictures is becoming a bit difficult given the enormous amount of honey and bumble bees pollinating plus I spent a morning with a butterfly feeding from all the flowers and swirling all over around me which was really interesting. If I'm identifying correctly I believe two of the butterflies that show up the most here in my garden are the giant swallowtail and gulf fritillary. Also seem to see a lot of moths. I just don't want to get stung as I'm usually plenty covered in mosquito bites already. The joys of wanting to do everything organic and live with not against nature. Still see plenty of dragonflies and occasional wasps too. Oh, and the visit from the cicada which they are really deafening. Birds of various kinds and squirrels run and bury from the neighbors oak tree. Oh, and you'll notice the lettuce struggled some during the summer. No pictures of me. I've decided I don't want my face plastered on the world wide web. A few jokes or comments have been made about renting the garden and porch for the next solar eclipse in 2024 or for weddings. Other than the good Memorial Day party/dinner with friends of the family not sure who would honestly want to partake in that. In the interim though I'm usually plenty busy pulling weeds from the rock areas within reason. I've left a lot of weeds alone for quite some time until I feel it's proper for them to be pulled up. This is the problem with harvesting and dualism/paradoxes. Mom and I are a lot more forgiving of a weed and tolerant of them. Others not so much in the family who see them as unsightly.

I'm present and accounted for just moving on hopefully towards something else given that cosmetology and (a)esthetics was never meant to just be about makeup, massage, hair, ornamentation, dress, etc. Most people forgot the very roots of this industry and don't know that the word took it's origins from Greek kosmetes or kosmeo (cosmos, world, and universe). For me the lessons I learned in moving into this field of work has been a time of both joy and major regrets. One where I've learned a lot about humanity, overall society, and projections. I've recognized more than I want to in the last decade of my life including where I went way off the path I wanted to follow by living for others and not for me. Working yourself till you're sick, hospitalized, and unappreciated by your peers signifies it's time to re-assess your goals. You could say I've cleaned out my life of toxic people and places. I'm still working on finding a work environment that actually makes me content because I have not found that yet in corporate America. I've also learned ideologies posited by a lot of businesses, nations, and people are all talk, but rarely walked out fully by any of us. Some detach to such an extent they are becoming dead inside or even what I call machines/robots of industrialization who feel nothing or see no meaning to anything. If you have not figured this out the underlined words are text links so click them (random art/mandala app I found while on medical leave). I have mandala coloring apps also. What many do not quite comprehend is given my childhood and upbringing I'm extremely introverted and solitary. Something that people in many societies wish to re-shape or re-mold and obviously feel is wrong. We also seem to condition that fairy tales and marriage are the only path in life. It's absurd how many people are forcing expectations on one another. You have to be an extrovert who is always happy whereby we create what is known as shadows and alters of what we choose to reject or not re-claim. Going so far as to spew hate, violence, and commit other atrocities out of ignorance.